How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error

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When it comes to WordPress 500 Internal Server Error like is quite common but it can be a panicky situation for any beginner. In case it been more than a year that you are used browse the internet then you may have encounter the error – HTTP 500 Internal Server Error a couple of times by now.

Don’t worry as this error can be easily fixed. This article will help you know how to fix 500 Internal Server Error especially in WordPress. The list of solutions given below will help you try the one that works for you. ​

Check – .htaccess file

Generally, 500 Internal Server Errors occur because of misconfiguration of  -‘.htaccess’ file. Now, you may want to rename the file as  -‘.htaccess_bk’. Normally, this folder exists in public_html folder present in file manager. 

As the file is hidden, you need to choose the option known as – show hidden files from settings of file manager.

 Check permissions for  – ‘.htaccess’ normally it is – 644.

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Check  – PHP version

If you are using PHP version over 5.3 then the .htaccess file comprises of  “register globals on” line that needs to be erased and reload the site. As register globals supports PHP till version 5.3.

WordPress Plugins should be checked

One more reason for 500 Internal Server Error, is may be due to WordPress plugins. In case you face this error post activation of a new plugin, then it is recommended that you should deactivate new plugin and try to load the site again.

In case you are not able to access WordPress dashboard, simply use FTP/ cPanel to search through the ‘plugins’ folder to wp-content folder.

Rename the plugins folder. Now, load the site again post activation of each plug in. Now, check if 500 Internal Server Error vanished or not. In case it still exists then there may be a different reason for this error. 

Check – WordPress Themes

You need to follow the same process for themes as well. Utilize an FTP client/cPanel. Open – themes folder and rename that folder which comprises of all the files that use theme that’s activated currently. It will directly deactivate the existing theme and will activate the default theme automatically. Load the website again and check if the error is gone.

Check  – PHP memory limit

The plugins,themes and scripts ideally more memory space. You should add the code in php.ini file existing in home directory:

“memory_limit = 64M” 

What if the WordPress files corrupts?

In case the core files of WordPress gets corrupted, then you should upload again the new version wp-admin/inc folders through new WordPress installation as the wp-content folder is not disturbed.


This article will certainly give you a clear idea on the reasons that cause the error 500 Internal Server Error. You just need to follow the steps carefully to carry out the fix. You can try them to find out what is the cause of error in your case to identify the cause and fix it

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